What is the smallest Memorial Garden our organization can plant?

The minimum number of daffodils is 250, planted in a space that is 30 sq. feet (10 ft x 3 ft; or 5 ft x 6 feet); we request that you plant an additional 250 bulbs either in the initial planting or the following year

What age group is most appropriate to participate in the Daffodil Project?

The Daffodil Project is meaningful for everyone and is an excellent Holocaust education program for elementary, middle school, high school or college students.

Do you support planting Holocaust Memorial Gardens outside of the US?

We encourage the planting of gardens all around the world as the Daffodil Project is a global initiative. Go to our Partner List to see all of the places we have planted Memorial Gardens

How do we sign up to plant a Memorial Garden?

Your organization needs to fill out a Partner Agreement and then Order your Daffodils from us using the Daffodil order form Please call or email us if you need additional information or have additional questions.