Planting in Oświęcim Poland

Planting in Oświęcim Poland

Planting of 2,500 daffodils in honor of 80th anniversary of the destruction of the Great Synagogue in Oświęcim Poland

Oświęcim is a town in southern Poland where Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was located. For centuries this synagogue (pictured below) was the center of the Jewish life in Oświęcim.

Following the occupation of Oświęcim, the Great Synagogue was set ablaze and destroyed by the Germans on the night of November 29, 1939.

Today only an empty square remains in its location. Thanks to the generous support of the town of Oświęcim, as well as institutional and private donors from Poland and beyond, this space has been transformed into a Memorial Park to create opportunities for reflection and remembrance for residents of Oświęcim and visitors to the town. The Park will become a place for education about the multicultural past of Oświęcim.

As part of the ceremonies to inaugurate the Great Synagogue Memorial Park and pay tribute to the Jewish community of Oświęcim a planting of 2,500 daffodils took place as part of the Worldwide Daffodil Project. Go to our Worldwide Daffodil Map and look for Oświęcim to see pictures of the planting.