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  • The first 250 daffodil bulbs, one plaque, and one stand are available at no charge for a new site!

    Daffodil bulbs are available from September to January depending on your planting zone.

    Southern States Zones (7-8) can only start planting at the very end of October or early November.

    Orders may take up to 14-21 days to process, so please allow approximately three weeks turnaround time.

    There is a possibility of running out of bulbs later in the season.  It's important to get your bulb orders in as soon as possible.  

    Please enter the name of your organization that will be planting the daffodils.

    While planting daffodil bulbs in most locations works extremely well, it’s been more difficult to plant daffodils in locations where the weather is too warm (Central/South Florida, Southern California, Southern Texas, Louisiana or areas in Zones 9-13) (see zones map). For these zones, we are recommending silk daffodils to be planted that will count towards the overall goal of planting 1.5 million daffodils. 

    Is your site located in warmer climates (Zones 9-13)?

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