Daffodil Bracelets

Remember Beaded Bracelet


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  • Wear these beaded bracelets as a powerful and tangible reminder to Never Forget.

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Cause Bracelet


  • Wear this yellow bracelet to Remember and Act against injustice.
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Daffodil Books

The Cat with the Yellow Star
by Ela Weissberger and Susan Goldman Rubin


  • Coming of Age in Terezin

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Miracles & Meals


  • Share Holocaust Survivors’ stories and their Recipes

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by Magda Herzberger


  • An autobiography of surviving the horrors of the Nazi death camps

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A Lucky Child
by Thomas Buergenthal


  • A memoir of surviving Aushwitz as a young boy.

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Four Perfect Pebbles
by Lila Perl Marion Blumenthal Lazan


  • An unforgettable memoir of surviving the Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen camps

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